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    “Munch” Rapper Ice Spice Says There’s no Beef Between Her and Drake

    Ice Spice denies having a problem with Canadian rapper Drake, who appears to have sent shots at her on his latest album Her Loss. The “Munch” artist cleared the air multiple times claiming that its all love, no harm done.

    We’re cool, we spoke after that a couple times and we’re good. There’s no beef

    Many fans believed Drake’s line “She a ten tryna rap, it’s good on mute, yeah” was a reference to Spice, who gained popularity last year with her single “Munch (Feeling U).” Shortly after the release of Her Loss, Spice took to Twitter to share her response about the lyric.

    Ice Spice was also spotted at Drake’s Apollo Show on Saturday

    Ice Spice also shared some info on her upcoming music in a recent interview. The New York based rapper seems to have a lot of patience for drama, with her music being leaked on multiple occasions. Nevertheless, the young talent remains excited for her music on the way.

    I’m excited for this new music I’m about to put out. I’m about to put out an EP. … “Bikini Bottom” is on there, and then there’s some that people haven’t heard. It’s about to be a vibe. Visuals coming with it, too. Yeah, a bunch of content around it. It’s lit.

    Do you think her new project is going to be lit? Was Drake actually throwing shade at the up and coming rapper Ice Spice? Was “Munch” single handedly better than every song on Her Loss?


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