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    Mumbai-based Singer/Songwriter Joshua Singh Unveiled A New Single “All I Ever Learnt”

    Mumbai-based artist Joshua Singh recently released a fantastic single titled “All I Ever Learnt,” a heartfelt tune that blends low-pitch vocals with the nicely manipulated vocoder.

    “All I Ever Learnt” showcases Joshua’s ability to combine his slick vocals into an irresistibly warm, nicely repetitive, atmospheric soundscape that showcases pure chemistry and versatility. The music video, directed by Tanvi Gandhi, captures these ideas through a beautifully minimalistic film.

    Joshua Singh is one artist you wouldn’t want to miss out on, as he has been delivering straight-up fire music that brings fresh air to the music industry. He is definitely on his way to becoming a well-known name worldwide.

    Stream “All I Ever Learnt” on Spotify 

    Connect with Joshua Singh: Facebook | YouTube | Instagram | Spotify


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