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    MSCHF Selling 1000 Andy Warhol Artworks With A Catch

    Referring to themselves on LinkedIn as a dairy company, MSCHF is an interesting art collective. It releases AI-generated feet photos, booster packs with random cards, and it also makes stock investments based on astrological signs. But MSCHF is popular because of their collaboration with Lil Nas X’s “Satan Shoes” packed with a drop of human blood.

    The CEO doesn’t even know how to characterize the company.

    “A brand of what? I don’t know. Being a company kills the magic.”We’re trying to do stuff   that the world can’t even define.”

    A Catch-22?

    While this collective sells items based on their light-hearted humor. In their latest saga, the group purchased an original Andy Warhol artwork for $20,000. They sold it to one lucky buyer for $250.

    Bargain, huh?

    But here’s the catch. The drawing was sold alongside 999 high-quality forgeries. Not even the creators themselves can tell them apart. Not only that, the group is known to trick people through art. In the past, they bought a Damien Hirst piece for $30,000. Then they cut it up piece by piece and sold it for $480 a chunk. Furthermore, they make masterpeices out of medical bills.

    “By forging Warhol’s drawing en masse, we obliterate the trail of provenance for the artwork,” said MSCHF. “Though physically undamaged, we destroy any future confidence in the veracity of the work.”

    People can purchase one of these 1000 works titled, “Possibly Real Copy of Fairies” by Warhol for $250. Since every drawing was sold, the group made approximately $250,000 in profits.

    MSCHF believes that whoever buys the drawing, the owner will probably never know if they own the original piece of art. Although an expert can spot the difference, forgeries are known to make those in the field doubt the work’s authenticity.

    “You’d have to be out of your mind to take seriously a gallery that is offering this piece as an authentic Warhol in the future … we hope the chain of trust is irrevocably broken here.”


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