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    Movies Coming To Theaters In Summer 2020

    Movies are coming back to theaters in summer 2020.

    The movie industry may have taken the biggest hit of the coronavirus pandemic. As the world works it’s way back to normal, a few movies are coming out to see if people still go to theaters.

    Movies like Trolls World Tour may have quietly put an end to home movies that are debuted around the world. Due to Troll’s success, movie studios may opt to go with premieres that don’t require people to come out of there homes.

    Movies Coming To Theaters In Summer 2020

    The old model of family outings to the movies hasn’t been completely forgotten, as some big names movies are set for releases in 2020.


    One of the first movies to make a got at box office numbers will be a classic Disney Remake. Mulan was a fan and box office success when the animated version came out in the early ’90s. Now Disney is expecting to use nostalgia plus a call from quarantined kids to get out, to make the live version just as successful.

    Release Date: July 24th,2020

    New Mutants.

    Keeping up with the current theme in Hollywood of remakes and superhero movies, New Mutants is also due out this summer.  Although X-men did well in the early 2000’s, Marvel has found a hard time capturing that success in this decade. New Mutants is the latest attempt to give characters from the x-verse a chance to shine. Fans shouldn’t expect to see characters they know, nor should they expect the nice side of the mutants. This version is said to be a little darker and features your heroes trying to escape a facility.

    Release Date: August 28th, 2020

    Coronavirus numbers have still spiked in a few states after opening, so this list won’t be that long. If possible, try to see just one movie a month, and don’t overexpose your or your loved ones to fast.

    What do you guys think of the movies coming out in 2020? are you going to risk it to get the theater feel? or is your couch, your family good enough for you?

    Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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