Drake Alleges That He Dated SZA in a songDrake Alleges That He Dated SZA in a song

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    Drake Alleges That He Dated SZA in a songDrake Alleges That He Dated SZA in a song

    Move Over Mariah, Jeremiah And Chance The Rapper Will Save Christmas

    The holidays put most people in a good mood. Now more than ever, people are looking forward to celebrating Christmas this year. Hollywood is definitely here for the holiday vibes. Mariah Carey’s Christmas Special on December 4th had audiences smiling from ear to ear. Honestly, nothing tops that whistle note harmony shared between Queen Mimi and Ariana Grande. Not only did Carey release her Christmas Special but she also launched her first holiday Cookie Line. Mimi may have claimed Christmas but Hip-Hop stars Jeremih and Chance The Rapper just put in their bid. The Chicago stars just announced that they’re releasing the next installment for their Christmas mixtape.

                              The Christmas Mixtape

    Christmas Mixtape
    via The Boombox

    Jeremiah and Chance The Rapper are the last people we’d expect to get a Christmas album from, but its happening. Chance especially seemed ecstatic about the major collaborative project, tweeting, “It’s FINALLY happening.” Yes, the two hip-hop stars are joining forces to save Christmas this year.

    Their joint holiday album Merry Christmas Lil Mama: The Gift That Keeps Giving will include popular songs from their 2016 and 2017 releases of the same name. Though fans can expect to hear some new festive tracks, such as “The Return” and “Who’s To Say.” Who wouldn’t want this album on their Christmas list?

                Chance The Rapper’s Early Christmas Gift To Jeremih

    Chance The Rapper and Jeremih’s Christmas mixtape will surely bring joy to listeners this year. The two are lucky to have worked together on this project for as long as they have. On the now virtual The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Chance The Rapper shared with Ellen that he and Jeremiah have released different volumes of their Christmas mixtape every year since 2016. While they’ve had fun times over the years releasing the festive content, this year especially meant a lot to the artists.

    After Jeremih recovered from his severe Covid-19 diagnosis, Chance The Rapper dropped their holiday video for their track “Are U Live” as a celebratory gift to his best friend. Additionally, the Chicago rappers also streamed the music video for the track. The 27-year-old continuously prayed for his friend’s recovery. We can only imagine how grateful Chance The Rapper was for Jeremiah’s recovery. Not only did they save Christmas, but Chance The Rapper also saved his best friend’s holiday season.

    Fans can expect to stream to their festive album Merry Christmas Lil Mama: The Gift Giving all on platforms this Friday Dec. 11.


    Latest Posts

    Drake Alleges That He Dated SZA in a songDrake Alleges That He Dated SZA in a song

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