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    Move Over Kevin! ILLijah, Simon Blaze, Young Chrigga, Trevvii Are “Home Alone”

    Revamps, reboots and recreations of films have become the norm in pop culture. Today, we receive the remake of the classic Christmas film “Home Alone” by uprising Maine sensation ILLijah with a homage music video of the same title. To impress a love interest, ILLijah throws a party featuring buzzing musicians Simon Blaze, Young Chrigga and Trevvii.

    Tapping acts from across the globe a successful international hit, the visual’s breakout star goes to the German producer Simon Blaze. With his radio-friendly dance production, “Home Aone” looks to be the song that makes Blaze a mainstay stateside. Alongside Blaze‘s work, ILLijah shines as a modern-day Culkin.

    The 1990 film stars Macaulay Culkin as an eight-year-old child forgotten by his family and left to fend off a duo of robbers, attempting to break into the house, alone. Also starring Joe Pesci, Daniel Stern, John Heard, and Catherine O’Hara, the film has become a holiday classic that spawned a 1992 sequel.

    For Simon, “Home Alone” follows his 2019 effort “On My Way.” Simon Blaze is scheduled to release a full-length project in 2021. “Home Alone,” the music video, was directed by Damian J.

    “Home Alone” is streaming everywhere on Coastal Vibes. Simon Blaze appears courtesy Gentlemaniacs Music. For more on Simon Blaze, follow him on Instagram.

    Simon Blaze


    Producer/Songwriter/CEO/Founder of Gentlemaniacs Music Group. When it comes to music there’s not one single style that describes Simon Blaze. A mix between beautiful chords and heavy basslines in combination with unique vocals.


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