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    Mortal Kombat: Watch First 7 minutes. Release in 2 days.

    Mortal Kombat; First Look

    Watch the first 7 Minutes of Mortal Kombat. Judge for yourself, whether the movie lives up the hype. The leaked 7 minutes reveals Scorpion’s back story. Light Spoilers llie ahead for the first 7 minutes of promoted footaged that was leaked.

    The Story begins in Feudal China. Bi-Han (Sub-Zero) looking for Hanzo (Scorpion). The first kill of the movie  is artistically done through a white partian, a folding shoji screen. A splash of blood across the white paper film gives us the impending doom factor without coming off too gory. Followed up, with a loud screa

    Scorpion; Mortal Kombat Movie | Warner Bros

    Fan Service All the Way; Mortal Kombat 

    ” I came into the project with a script already there. I could see some potential, but it didn’t feel like Mortal Kombat, was my overall assessment of it. I just felt like it was … too far away from the lore. It was too far away from the mythology. It was doing things with the characters that just didn’t feel accurate. And as a fan, I thought we needed to respect it a little more. So then it became just a process of slowly developing it. ”

    – Sam McQuoid

    The fan service is all in the details. Bi-Han is able to manifest ice crystals in his hand.  Hanzo’s wife uses a spear in her garden, then later Hanzo’s throwing spear, kunai. The characters speak in Chinese and Japanese, respectively and we are given subtitled translations.  This first 7 minutes gives a good idea where the film plans to go and sets up the Scorpion – Sub-Zero feud really well, investing the movie watcher in the results of their blood feud.

    Mortal Kombat movie released on Friday; first 7 minutes available now.

    TL:DR- I Know Nothing, what should I know before watching?

    For those who have never played Mortal Kombat or watched it’s ’95 release, you may want to check out this mashable in-depth explainer. In the blog post, you get information for the video games, movie, and story lines. You will be informed and ready to dive right into this film.

    I want to watch Mortal Kombat. Where should I watch it?

    Mortal Kombat will be released in theaters and on HBO Max, Friday, April 23 12AM PT/3AM ET. It is part of the HBO Max same-day premiere lineup, with a simultaneous streaming and theatrical release. Mortal Kombat will stream for 31 days on HBO Max, starting Friday. If you have the prescription service, you are not charged any extra to watch this film. Or, you can watch it wherever you currently stream your movies 😉

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