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    More Protests After Ricardo Munoz Shooting In Lancaster

    The Ricardo Munoz Shooting in Lancaster is the latest police-involved shooting to result in protest.

    Video of the Ricardo Munoz Shooting in Lancaster is the cause of a heated debate on Twitter. After months of protest against police brutality, the murder of another person of color is the news once again.

    Twitter is an interesting place because you can find some quality information amongst a heap of crap. Whenever there is a shooting involving police and black people the heap grows while the information dwindles.

    Ricardo Munoz’s name joins the long list of people of color who fell victim to ¨trained” officers. For the people who will take note that Munoz and other African Americans may have had weapons on them at the time of their shootings. Please also take note that there are numerous public cases of armed white assailants walking away unscathed.

    The entire conversation around Ricardo Munozś shooting is about his criminal background and how his murder was justifiable. Contrastly when Kyle Rittenhouse murdered two people in cold blood it was about a hopeful police officer trying to help.

    America is really showing itself to the world in regards to our relationship to race. Why are murders of Black people so easily accessible to view? Why do the storylines read the way they do when it comes to violence and murder?

    What are your thoughts on Ricardo Munoz Shooting? Could the officer use another weapon such as a taser to diffuse the situation?

    Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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