Moose Cheese Goes for $300 a Pound

Moose Cheese Goes

For dairy lovers and the lactose intolerant, here’s another option to love or give you the bubble guts. Creamy moose cheese goes for $300 a pop–it’s one of the most expensive cheeses on earth behind donkey cheese.

The price comes from moose milking being a risky business. In order to make this stuff, milkers have the slather themselves with moose milk in order to get the moose’s utters going. Humans have to trick female moose into being their babies and it starts to get wild when one human is the moose baby of multiple mothers.

Mothers get pretty aggressive over their children. It gets tricky when a milker “moose baby” is standing between two of its “mothers.” A Worldstar worthy video could pop off at any moment.

We understand why someone wouldn’t want less than $300 a pound for all that.

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