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Mo’nique Thinks Oprah Winfrey is a Two-Faced-Wicked-Wench

Village Voice

Mo’nique used to hate skinny bitches, but now she hates Oprah Winfrey just as much.

In her podcast series, which she conducts with her husband, Sidney Hicks, Mo’nique puts Oprah on blast. According to HNHH, Mo’nique is upset that Oprah held an interview with Wade Robson and James Safechuck…the two men claiming to have been assaulted by MJ as children.

“[He was] found not guilty…then you come back and you allow these two men to get on your platform and tell this story, and that man cannot defend himself, who does that?”

Throughout the podcast, Open Relationship, Mo scolds Oprah for being a snake in the grass and capitalizing off the back of one of the most successful people the world has ever known.

 “For me, it’s sad and disheartening. That man welcomed you in his home and you spoke of how beautiful, and all the love this man has shown children all over the world.”

Mo and her husband also take an opportunity to allow others to chime in on the scandal. And as it turns out, Mo’nique and her husband aren’t the only ones who feel disappointed. For many, it seems like Winfrey is showing favoritism, especially in regards to her close connection to Harvey Weinstein. Some callers pointed out the fact that if Winfrey held an interview with MJ’s alleged victims, that she needs to do the same with Weinstein’s victims–while Weinstein is still alive.

This would not be the first time Mo’nique has stated her opinions openly before.

And through all of this, Oprah has not yet lent a response.

Thoughts? Do you think Oprah is profiting off of the black community? Share your thoughts below.

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[…] media mogul Oprah did an interview directly after the airing of Leaving Neverland. Comedian star Mo’nique thinks that Oprah Winfrey is a two-faced wicked wench because of the segment she did with the alleged […]


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