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Monica Lewinsky Presidential dick


Monica Lewinsky Presidential Dick Suck Haunts Her!!

Evan Agostini

Monica Lewinsky’s days of slobbing on former president Bill Clinton’s knob wasn’t so beneficial after all.

All that she got out of the deal were years of embarrassment, while Bill went on to become a living legend in the Oral office…sorry…we meant to say the Oval Office. That’s right the Monica Lewinsky presidential dick service will never be forgotten.

Over the weekend, Monica joined a twitter conversation, but it wasn’t her participation that took everyone by surprise. It was what she said that made people’s jaws to hit the floor.

On Twitter, one user posted a question, asking about the worst career advice they’d ever received.

Monica replied:

“an internship at the white house will be amazing on your resume.”

Monica is referring to the incident that happened between her and Bill Clinton. Allegedly, they had sexual relations, which he later admitted to. It was the first in White House history, but Bill easily bounced back. People coined him ‘the coolest president in history,” while Monica Lewinsky went down in history as a whore who ate a presidential dick.

Lucky for him, we suppose. As for Monica, it was a living hell.

After the White House scandal happened, it took some time for Lewinsky to face the public eye again. Earlier this year, according to The Blast, Lewinsky talked to John Oliver about the scandal.

 “It was an avalanche of pain and humiliation, and, obviously, I could not have gotten through it without my family, and, eventually, when I was allowed to talk to my friends, my friends, too . . . At 24 years old, it was really hard to hold on to a shred of dignity or self-esteem when [I was] just the butt of so many jokes and being misunderstood.”

Fortunately, nowadays Monica is doing much better.

Thoughts? How do you feel about Monica Lewinsky regretting eating presidential dick? Let us know by leaving a comment in the comment section below.
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Featured Image Credit: Evan Agostini

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