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    Moneymade Eli Revives NYC Street Elegance In Visual For New Single

    The next generation of New York City rappers carry on the tradition of grime and glamour. Moneymade Eli is a new-school hip-hop artist who authentically embodies the self-reliance and inner grit that many cynics complain is a thing of the past. The future for New York City rap looks brighter due to these young dedicated rappers.

    His new music video for his single “Tippity Top” features Moneymade Eli  turning “up around New York in a train station and outside by a new black Benz as snow falls around him.” The theme of pursuing one’s gifts while simultaneously surviving is reflected by lyrics like, “told myself only need myself/Young rich *****, I don’t need no help!”

    “Cymbals skitter is in the background at a tense pace”. Moneymade Eli keeps it real about the challenges of city living, but he always keeps his cool. He emulates a balanced and humble strength with his confident and steadfast delivering abilities.

    About Moneymade Eli

    Rising up out of Brooklyn, Moneymade Eli always found solace in music. He stared down the trials and tribulations of a childhood in Section 8 housing as he simultaneously embraced his talents. By eleven-years-old, he developed his dynamic voice in choir. Eventually, he found himself recording alongside none other than friend Bizzy Banks. Inspired by the likes of Young Thug and Lil Uzi Vert, he officially made his debut in 2020, piling up hundreds of thousands of views on independent singles such as “Ah Ah” and “Moneymade Eli.” He caught the attention of Steve Victor [Pop Smoke, Future] who notably signed him. Now, he makes his Motown Records debut with “Nina & Him” and much more to come.


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