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    Mod Sun talks his latest project BB, the path to greatness and being happy

    Mod Sun talks his latest project BBAs I got ready for my interview at the end of the show, I realized the girl next to me, who had been raging all night, was covered in sweat. Parents, the majority of which stood in the back and on the side as if they were chaperoning a high school dance greeted their kids as the lights came on, and the show was over at approximately 9:15P.M..

    Hip-hop’s hippie, Mod Sun’s taking photos with friends not fans after the show. Mod Sun doesn’t like fame, because it makes him seem pretentious, so he opts to call them friends. His green shades and white t-shirt are no more. Accompanying him is a white and blue robe, but little scent of marijuana, black leather sweatpants, now wet (don’t ask), and his silver bedazzled Doc Marten boots. Of course, we can’t forget the endless chest and stomach tattoos and orange belt holding his now moist pants.

    “I had it all planned out to perfectly get here a little early, jump on stage do my thing,” said Mod Sun settling in the couch. “I get picked up from the hotel and the axle breaks on our shit, rolling. We get like 10 seconds from the fucking hotel.”

    While 2017 was a hallmark year for Mod Sun, as he released two albums, Movie and BB, respectively, he’s not content.

    “Maybe I expected it sooner, if anything, and not to happen right now,” Mod Sun said. “That being said, that’s the blessing. As much as I manifest things, I can’t act like I’m not waiting for a miracle, and over the last couple years it came to a point with me where I like to say this: ‘I’m not late in my career, I’m far into my career’.”

    Mod Sun talks his latest project BB2

    A mercurial spirit, Mod Sun moved frequently as a kid with his mom and sister before being shipped to his dad’s house in Long Beach, California is senior year of high school. In addition, Mod Sun said he ran away from his dad’s house to live on the beach with homeless people.

    “It was at those moments when they were telling me things about life that made me realize I could be happy with nothing,” Mod Sun said. “And, that kind of coincides to now. Once you get everything you want, it won’t make you happy unless you’re able to be happy with nothing. If you weren’t able to be happy broke, money will not fucking make you happy.”

    The Godfather of happy rap, Mod Sun said he turns to his girlfriend, Bella Thorne, for inspiration when he’s feeling down. And outside of Kid Cudi, Mod Sun still doesn’t fuck with today’s music, he said. Mod Sun said he’s striving to be the next Bob Dylan, as he was always pushing himself. But before he died, Mod Sun had a personal relationship with Tom Petty.

    After directing everyone backstage to listen up, Mod Sun went on a tangent about Petty. Essentially, Petty is the reason artists get paid for their music, in 2018, as he threatened to sue the music labels and “sell peanuts,” for a living instead of letting them make money off his songs. According to Mod Sun, 50 percent more royalties are coming to songwriters for streaming as a result of Petty’s initial stand.

    While he’s not a dentist anymore, Mod Sun said he’ll be picking up film in the near future (We can thank Bella for this :)). And of course, he’s still an author with a poetry book coming out soon, Mod Sun said.

    For his own legacy, Mod Sun’s content having a bigger impact dead than alive, he said.

    “I want to make a difference while I’m here, but I really want to make a difference while I’m gone,” Mod Sun said. “Maybe me being open to saying that will have an affect on people in the future. Instead of people being like ‘man, I’m just trying to do what I can do while I’m here’…anything I offer to the world, I’m giving it the best shot to outlive me.”

    For upcoming artists, Mod Sun said invest into yourself.

    “If you don’t have friends that record, go buy the shit,” Mod Sun said. “If you don’t have friends that make beats, learn how to make the shit. If you don’t have friends that like your music, go find them. Secondly, it’s always darkest before dawn, and the second that you feel like giving up on something I just want you to know that’s the closest you’ve ever been to getting it.”

    “My name is Mod Sun; great fucking interview, I hope this shit gets listened to a hundred years from now,” Mod Sun said.

    You can listen to the full interview here.

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