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    Mj Rodriguez, ‘House Mother’ First Trans Golden Globes Winner

    2022 Golden Globe Goes To…

    In her role as the iconic and ferocious house mother of New York underground ball culture in her drama show, Pose, Mj Rodriguez has won a Golden Globe. She is making history and becoming the first transgender actor to win “Best Actress” in a TV drama—a pivotal moment for Rodriguez and the LGBTQAI community.


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    “This is the door that is going to open the door for many young talented individuals,” the Golden Globe winner writes in her Instagram post. “They will see that it is more than possible. They will see that a young Black Latina girl from Newark, New Jersey, who had a dream, to change the minds others would WITH LOVE. LOVE WINS.”

    Rodriguez Takes Acceptance Speech To Instagram Live

    This year, the Golden Globes ceremony was not live, and Rodriguez did not get her televised speech. However, that did not stop her. Rodriguez took Instagram live to share the exciting news, and all the hard work made her dreams come true. 

    “Number 1, thank you Golden Globes,” she says during Instagram Live. “This is for the LGBTQAI Black, Latina, Asian, the many multi colors of the beautiful rainbow around the freaking world. This is not just for me, this is for y’all.” 

    Last year, the ‘house mother’ made history as the first transgender nominated for an Emmy in the major acting category. Since then, fans have known all about what the star has to offer. 

    FX series Pose Wins Golden Globe

    Born in Newark, New Jersey, Rodriguez rose to fame as Angel in an Off-Broadway revival of Rent in 2011. From the transition of Broadway to her television series, Pose, the star has proven her place in the entertainment industry. With her big dreams and accomplishments made along the journey, Rodriguez has shown she is a true star inside and out. 

    Rodriguez, also known as Michaela Antonia Jaé Rodriguez, is among the enormous cast of transgender actors in the FX series, including Dominique Jackson, Indya Moore, Tony Award winner, Billy Porter, and more. 

    via Cast of ‘Pose’ | CREDIT: RICH FURY/GETTY

    As her journey begins as a Golden Globe winner, Mj Rodriguez is ready to prove to the world that she is a phenomenal actress. While fans fall in love with the star, she is making her way to the top one globe at a time. 

    “To the nominees we are Queens,” she ends with in her post. “I’m so happy to share space with you! Each and every last one of you women are phenomenal.” 



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