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    MistaDC releases “Sunrays” video, poised to go from Seattle’s secret to star

    MistaDC releases Sunrays video 1
    MistaDC, Seattle’s best kept secret, is poised to become the city’s next star after the release of his debut album Vicky:The Story Of A High School Sweetheart. Admittedly, I was late to the party on MistaDC, 21, but after listening to “Vicky, Fly Home” I was convinced I stumbled across the next Blackbear, in due time; an artist with vocals over bass lines reminiscing about previous girlfriends or girls no long present in his their life.

    Digging deeper into MistaDC’s short but full of quality catalog, I doubled back on “Sunrays”. In fact, I found the music video, too, MistaDC’s first. The videos amassed just under 1,500 YouTube views, to pair with approximately 13,500 Soundcloud plays and just over 100,000 streams.

    Sunrays on my backseat, when I’m driving through the city,” MistaDC said. “Time stops when I’m Witcha, so my time with you is endless.

    You can listen to the song here.

    Something doesn’t seem too right lately, what’s wrong with ya,” MistaDC said. “Please won’t you answer me, I pray that you’re okay.”

    The video, directed by Brian Hutson, takes a glimpse at the many facets of loss, MistaDC said. Hutson is a self-taught director that was recently featured in the Seattle International Film Festival, and Destiny City Film Festival in 2017 for his short film “Minor”. In addition, he graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in business.

    MistaDC fully explained the story behind the track and the video’s creative direction in one of his tweets here.

    “Last year, a friend and loved one of many passed and shook the community I grew up in,” MistaDC said. “I remember feeling the pain of loss when I first heard the news. In the process of creating my last project, I felt compelled to draw from that experience and I wrote “Sunrays” for Cooper Ellison and all that loved him.”

    “The response to this track was greater than I could have imagined, with near-unanimous  demand for a video; yet I was hesitant to recreate a moment that is still difficult for Cooper’s loved ones to relive,” MistaDC said. “I chose to go a different direction (for the video).”

    Debuting with our friends City Arts, MistaDC and Hutson transformed an ode to one of the former’s boyhood accomplices into an examination at the lightness of being. Building upon the sensations of lost opportunity and shattered innocence that permeate the track, MistaDC plays the victim of gun violence who in his final moments cannot help but return to his youth.
    MistaDC releases Sunrays video 2
    “Due to the content of the video and personal significance of the song, this was a hard visual to complete, but I wanted use these frames to both honor love ones I’ve lost and illuminate issues we face today,” MistaDC said.

    While there’s no timetable, MistaDC’s debut album is highly anticipated and he said it’s expected to feature more funk, soul and unfettered emotions. Essentially, MistaDC wants to share his “evergreen love story” with the world. You can follow him on Twitter here.


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