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    Missy Elliot’s “She’s A Bitch” Rap Video Cost $2 Million To Make

    Rap legend Missy Elliot has been crowned an artist “ahead of time” for a reason. She’s notorious for her revolutionary and futuristic music videos, changing the look and feel of rap videos forever. Now the HipHop legend has decided to share a behind-the-scenes look at her iconic 1999 “She’s A B***h” music video. The futuristic video has gone down in history as one of the most expensive rap videos of all time. It cost around $2 million to make. Clearly, the budget doesn’t matter when it comes to a Missy Elliot.

         Missy Elliot Shares BTS Of Music Video With Fans

    rap video
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    On August 17th, Missy Elliot took to Instagram to treat fans to a behind-the-scenes look at her 1999 music video “She’s A B***h.” Elliot acknowledged that she’s indeed lightyears ahead of her time and revolutionized HipHop music forever. “I was in the year 3000 in 1999. This video changed things visually in HipHop videos forever,” the female rapper wrote in the captions.

    Moreover, the BTS look shows interviews with Elliot herself. Also, it includes footage of the rapper being spray-painted black, performing iconic dance scenes and shows off the advanced technology. In the captions, Elliot mentioned she had the “light technology used in the video flown from Germany.” Clearly, Missy Elliot had a clear vision for her 1999 rap video.

                The Rap Video Cost $2 Million Dollars To Make

    rap video
    via MTV

    Missy Elliot has always gives out of this world performances. Everything from her futuristic rap videos, to her insane ensembles and iconic dance performances have made her a legend in HipHop. Though, her futuristic music video “She’s A B***h” took the cake in becoming one of the most expensive rap videos ever produced. According to sources, Elliot’s video cost a whooping $2 million to make. Given the abundant use of never-before-seen technology, the video obviously cost a pretty penny.



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