MISSBISH Flex Zone Alexandra Fox | From Toronto to the Bahamas

MISSBISH Flex Zone Alexandra Fox

MISSBISH‘s Gillian Wong takes a moment to chat with Yoga Queen, Alexandra Fox. Touching on her purpose in the profession, as well as previous experiences – this conversation is a roller coaster ride of journeys and personal perception. A great read indeed. Check it out below.
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Location: Bahamas

What was your first yoga experience like?

My first class was definitely different than anything else I’d ever taken. Haha, I had never really experienced yoga at that point and took it just because the Zumba class was full. It was a class of about 20 people and the ambiance was super chill and relaxing. It was a restorative yoga class! It definitely sparked my interest. Afterward, I felt at peace and my mind was calm and I thought “Hey, I could get used to this!”

How did you get into yoga?

I took my first class when I was in university at the University of Toronto! I tried two classes then totally fell off with it. And after four years decided to pick it up again when I was pregnant with my daughter, Finn. It was a huge help during my pregnancy and helped for a speedy recovery after having to have an Emergency C-Section. After that, nothing could stop me!
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How long have you been practicing?

I took my first class ever in 2010 but I was not consistent at all. Officially, I’ve been practicing for about 2 years now! Consistent practice about 2 hours every day!!

Were you always flexible? How flexible were you when you initially started?

Not really. I was flexible to an extent. I could definitely touch my toes! But yoga has enhanced my flexibility tremendously! I mean, legs behind the head tremendously!

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