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    Millyz Bares His Heart In New Track “Closure”

    Miles Hadley, otherwise known as Millyz, has made his mark in the rap game. The Massachusetts emcee has already sold out arena’s in America and Europe. He even took the chance of a lifetime signing to Jadakiss’s record label So Rapsy LLC. Additionally, Millyz’s 2021 album Blanco 4 won “Best Album of The Year” and he’s only just begun.

    Even with all the early-career fame though, he remains a true to himself as an artist. His latest track “Closure” off of his newly released album Blanco 5, shows the rapper baring his heart.

    Millyz Opens Up About A Lost Love In “Closure”

    In an interview with Report Card Radio, Millyz revealed that he bares his heart when it comes to music. In his new track “Closure” the rapper gets personal as he recalls a past love he let slip through his hands.

    Furthermore, the song and music video open up with a woman in a white lacey housecoat, giving a monologue about their breakup. Apparently, the woman, who plays his ex, felt unseen and neglected by Millyz. She’s still in love with him. Though, she knows they can never be in a relationship again.

    Throughout the video, Millyz raps that he regrets how things ended between them. He even admits that he’s still in love with his ex. “I don’t want you to say it’s over . . . I still have you in my soul.” Yet at the same time, “he wishes they’d never met each other in the first place.” Perhaps, Millyz wishes they never dated after having fallen hard for his girlfriend at the time.

    These polarizing themes of heartbreak and an internal battle reoccur throughout the song and music video. Even the scenes of Millyz running away or towards something make the rapper’s internal struggle clear to the audience. Additionally, his rap flow, full of melody and poeticism, creates this overall feel of vulnerability, honesty, and self-reflection. All in all, Millyz’s song “Closure” shows us a low point in the artist’s love life.

    Millyz Bares It All For The Fans

    Millyz via Metro US

    Anyone can relate to love and breakup songs. Millyz’s breakup track “Closure” off his album Blanco 5, surely falls in the category of a great breakup song. It offers catchy lines, a melodic rap flow, and a great beat. “Closure” appears very on-the-nose and mainstream.

    Though, what makes any Millyz’s song stand out from the rest comes down to his delivery. Sure, he can switch from trap to melody rap to East Coast rap at the drop of a dime. He also offers an authentic and versatility voice that’s hard to find in the rap industry. Many of his songs draw from his personal experiences of dealing with pain, trust issues, relationships and life challenges. As an artist that proudly wears his heart on his sleeve, Millyz deserves all the recognition that he’s received thus far in his career. Be sure to check out the rapper’s latest album Blanco 5 for more good music!

    Let us know what you think about “Closure” in the comments!

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