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    Miley Cyrus Believes Virginity Does Not Exist? Pu*sy Has Been Open Since Day 1!

    Miley Cyrus always has us siring our tea! Miley Cyrus has said and done a lot of things regarding feminism and sexual freedom.

    A new Instagram post has truly left followers both angry and confused. “Virginity is a social construct,” Cyrus wrote as a message to go along with a photo of two hands that sure looks like a vagina.

    Some fans were quick to accuse the star of being a bad role model for young fans, while also imposing her views on others when she shared a recent post about virginity being a social construct, a statement that also appears in the music video.

    “Honestly you shouldn’t be posting stuff like that,” one person wrote. “You should respect people’s choices and respect the fact that you have a young audience too.”

    “Virginity is a personal choice, not one for Miley to define or belittle.”

    “Or a personal choice? Just a thought, while we’re sharing our invasive opinions,” another wrote.

    “But if we teach young women to ‘get around’ and that it’s normal, then women are shown as an object and nothing more … that’s dangerous.”
    “I love Miley… but I have to disagree with her. We gotta teach young women that we do have value and everyone has to earn and respect our virginity and (us as whole, of course).”

    Others felt the singer’s post was an attack on those who maintain their virginity.

    Miley has her opinions, but what are yours? Leave your comments down below!

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