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    Miles Bridges Gets New NBA Contract Despite Domestic Violence Claims

    In what some claimed to be a sneaky Friday afternoon news story to minimize blow back, ESPN reported that Hornets forward Miles Bridges is in discussion with the Hornets organization regarding a new contract with the team.

    Earlier this year, Miles Bridges reportedly physically assaulted his wife, Mychelle Johnson. Now, just months later, the Hornets forward is already negotiating a new contract with the Hornets organization. As you can probably guess, this was immediately met with backlash from many basketball fans, with many voicing their opinions on social media. Some used the picture of his wife’s bruises to illustrate how they feel about the matter.

    As with every controversial story, the internet did what it does best, making jokes and memes immediately after the story came out.

    Guess he didn’t burn any bridges.

    Bridges, who has undeniable talent on the court as well as in music, pleaded no contest to his domestic violence less than two months ago. His punishment, like many athletes, seems to be short lived as he is currently working out a deal with the Hornets to get back on the hardwood with his teammates. Bridges was ultimately not given any jail time, but was sentenced to three years probation. His no contest plea was a part of an appeal that exempted him from jail time, and it also dismissed 2 other charges and an allegation from his case. Bridges was exempt of: an allegation of causing great bodily injury on the domestic violence victim, and 2 counts of child abuse under conditions or circumstances likely to cause great bodily injury or death. This slap on the wrist is one of many instances where celebrities manage to get preferential treatment and very little punishment for their extremely questionable actions. Will this story get more outrageous? Knowing the constant drama surrounding the NBA it’s a strong possibility. Stay tuned for more news updates!


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