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    Mike Tyson Comeback Fight Will Be Against Roy Jones Jr

    Mike Tyson will make his comeback in a fight against Roy Jones Jr.

    Iron Mike Tyson is returning to boxing with a comeback fight against former world champ Roy Jones Jr. The two all-time greats will throw down for the first time in an 8 round fight in California this September.

    Yahoo Sports broke the news that the Mike Tyson comeback fight everyone has been waiting for is happening. Video has been swirling of Tyson working out and getting in shape hinting at a return but fans got confirmation today.

    Iron Mike is hands down one of the best heavyweights to ever do it, and Jones Jr was the “best pound for pound fighter” for years. People who grew up in the nineties will remember talks of the two fighting in the past especially as they grew older.

    However, Mike took a lot of losses as he got older, while Jones would go on to win a belt in 04. Even more, Jones has had fights within the last decade and appears to already be in shape.

    Both fighters took some very bad losses and knockouts as the aged, and both are in their fifties. The best fans of these Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr can hope for is that both make it out the ring, Alive.

    What do you guys think of the Mike Tyson comeback fight against Roy Jones Jr? Who you got?

    Let us know your pick in the comments.


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