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    Mike Penace Compares Donald Trump To Martin Luther King Jr.

    In a recent interview with CBS News Face The Nation, Vice President Pence compared President Donald Trump To Martin Luther King Jr…

    Donald Trump is not ready to end the government shut down anytime soon. This is regardless of the fact that it has federal employees out of work. He has made repeated xenophobic comments about Mexicans. He has repeatedly shown that he reflects the bigotry of America. So then, how exactly does Mike Penace think that he can be compared to Martin Luther King Jr?

    In Face the Nation interview Pence said:

    “I think what the American people saw the president do yesterday was say, ‘I want to set the table for us resolving this issue in a way that achieves his objectives to secure the border, end the humanitarian and security crisis, end the government shutdown, but also to bring together the Democrats’ priorities to accomplish that. That’s what the American people expect us to do.”


    One of my favorite quotes from Dr. King was. Now is the time to make real the promises of democracy.’”

    Penace then said:

    “You think of how he changed America. He inspired us to change through the legislative process to become a more perfect union. That’s exactly what President Trump is calling on Congress to do: Come to the table in the spirit of good faith. We’ll secure our border and we’ll reopen the government. And we’ll move our nation forward as the president said yesterday to even a broader discussion about immigration reform in the months ahead.”

    Mike Penace has no business comparing a civil rights legend to Donald Trump. Trump presents everything that Martin Luther King Jr fought against. King would have spat in Trump’s face.

    What do you think of what Mike Penace said?
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