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    Mike Johnson Wants A Piece of Demi Lovato’s Ass!

    Demi Lovato knows what she wants and is not afraid to tell the world!

    Demi Lovato made it known to the world that she is interested in Bachelorette, Mike Johnson. The word got to Johnson, and now he’s wanting to make it known as well!

    Fans have been shipping this couple ever since Demi took to her Instagram Live to share that Mike was her favorite on the show.

    Demi did not hold back her feelings while professing her love for Johnson earlier this month.

    “Mike I accept your rose,” Lovato wrote to her Instagram.


    Demi then followed with a second video of her in front of the TV while Johnson was on screen.

    “Give Your Heart A Break,” the singer yelled. “Swing me, kiss me, boo boo!”

    We will never know.. maybe we would love to see these two fall in love! It’s defiantly not too far fetched, because he’s showing his interest to the public as well.

    “I’m flirting with her too,” Johnson told Us Weekly at the Men Tell All taping.

    “I would definitely take her out for an initial date, yeah. 100% not scared about it at all.”

    “I would be like, ‘Oh My God! Girl, come here,'” he said of Demi.

    Mike also opened up to HollywoodLife, admitting that Demi is “freaking sexy as can be.”

    He said he would still need to get to know her personality, but he would love the chance to score a one-on-one with the “Sorry Not Sorry” singer.

    “I don’t know her personality, so I’d have to get to know her, but I would entertain a conversation,” he gushes.

    Mike is such a sweetie! We know he will have no problem finding the love he deserves.

    Demi girl, do you hear this? You better get on this train!

    How do you feel about this? Let us know in the comments!

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    Image Credit: Celebrity Insider


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