Sign This Petition To Have Migos Replace Lady Gaga For The Super Bowl Halftime Show

Migos Replace Lady Gaga

It’s no question that Migos are fire right now, but this one might be a long shot. With the Atlanta Falcons set to play the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl next month, there’s now a petition to have the group replace Lady Gage for the halftime show. Although this is unrealistic, you have to admit that it’s pure genius so let’s admire the effort of the petition’s creator, Justin Good. Currently, the petition has over 2,000 signatures and a set goal of 15,000.
Migos T-Shirt
So yeah, still far from the goal, but the response says something about the impact Migos has had on modern day culture; that millennials are connecting with not only their music, but the lifestyle, values and image represented within their perspective of rap. This is not a shot at Lady Gaga, but it is cultural phenomenon when fans get involved to support an effort like this. It means that people are actively participating in the curation of entertainment, which could potentially make the SuperBowl sky rocket in advertisements, views and overall “wow factor” this year. So this petition is more than a piece of paper or shooting for the stars. Rather, it says that millennials are starting to understand that they have the power to shape the world of entertainment. So I say do it!

You can sign the petition right here.


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