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Michigan Legalizes Weed for Recreational Use


In Michigan, weed is now officially legal for anyone over twenty one to use. 

Earliest this morning, Michigan officials passed a new law which allows anyone over twenty one use weed. Also, according to the Huffingtonpost, smokers can now carry and use up to 2.5 ounces of weed. They can possess 10 ounces in a non-public place, such as a home. Citizens are also able to grow 12 marijuana plants. It is still illegal to use marijuana while operating a vehicle of any kind.

Michigan joins a few states, such as Colorado, which have legalized weed.

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Chicago Campaign Volunteer Gets Shot at While Recording

Chicago Campaign

Chicago campaign volunteer, Maxwell Little, is lucky to alive, according to WGN-TV

While he was passing out flyers for 15th Ward candidate Joseph Williams, Maxwell Little was shot at six times. As a result, he was hit in the leg. Little managed to catch his attempted murder on video. He also made a Facebook post, talking about how grateful he is to have survived. You can find them both below.


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Police officers in Chicago on Trial for lying about a Murder

Chicago Police

Three police officers are currently on trial for allegedly covering up a crime by another officer.

On October 20th, 2014, Jason Van Dyke murdered Laquan McDonald. Van Dyke and his fellow police officers then attempted to cover up the murder and make it seem like self defense. Despite their actions, Van Dyke is currently in prison for the murder of McDonald.

Now, according to the New York Times, the officers who lied for and help Van Dyke are being charged.

Patricia Holmes, a special prosecutor who the case, started the trial off by saying, “Instead of serving and protecting all citizens of Chicago, the defendants tried to protect only one, Jason Van Dyke.”

These officers attempted to appeal to a judge to have their charges dismissed. The judge denied their appeal. There is no news yet on a trial date.

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Chance the Rapper Pens a heartfelt Co-ep for an Elementary school

In a co-ep in the Chicago Tribute, Chance the Rapper advocates to keep the National Teachers Academy.  The school district of Chicago has plans to close the elementary school. Chance is firmly against that. According to him, the school is a important to the community. Chance says ” This investment is not a stamp of approval for the bureaucracy of CPS, but I do want to see CPS students succeed. Instead, I am witnessing what seems to be the never-ending cycle of the displacement of our black and brown children. Unfortunately, this has been the reality for one South Side elementary school, National Teachers Academy. During the last school year, CPS decided to close NTA as an elementary school, so that its building can be used for a new high school. CPS made the decision despite NTA’s educational successes and despite unwavering objections from the NTA community.”

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Viral Hip Hop

Viral Hip Hop

Viral Hip Hop


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