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    Michaela Jaé Has Something To Say

    Michaela Jaé’s New Single

    MJ Rodriguez is kicking off her singing career with a summer bop. The recording artist MJ also known as Michaela Jaé, her singing alias, released her debut single “Something to Say” during Pride Month. Its soulful and vivacious feel is refreshing. It’s a nice break from the consistent and generic music we all are so tired of hearing. According to Rodriguez,

    This song is for everyone around the world, for them to stop, look around and see how we have more in common than we actually realize,” she says. “To stand up for what we believe. To embrace one another’s differences. Let’s stand for love! We are one!”

    The Music Video

    The music video, which was released this month, gave an early 2000s vibe with modern-day elements. The lead Pose actress showed us that she is a triple threat as she owned the music video with her fire dance moves. If you are a fan of the series Pose, then you’ll, without a doubt, be voguing to this song.

    This artist has Something to Say alright, and this new summer hit is not the only thing.

    Michaela Jaé is always looking to advocate for what is right. In an Interview with Shape, she states:

    “My goal is that my artistry, whether it’s acting or music, changes the minds of people who hate or choose not to understand … I hope it helps them realize that just because I’m a woman of the trans experience, that doesn’t mean I have an agenda to harm. Instead, I want to let others know what humans are like, how some of us work, and what we have to offer.”

    The actress has made history as the first trans person nominated for a major Emmy for her role as Blanca Evangelista in the final season of Pose. Her performance in Pose was clearly just the start. Rodriguez will also be featured in the upcoming Apple TV+ comedy series Loot, alongside Maya Rudolph.

    She is bringing back R&B, all while adding her own flavor.



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