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    Michael Jordan Collector Cards Being Thrown Away Worth Thousands

    What if someone told you that you just threw away thousands of dollars in the trash? If your reaction would be to pull your own hair out, that would be pretty accurate for most.

    According to, Hanes underwear shoppers have been throwing away Michael Jordan collectors cards that are worth about $1,400.

    Since March 11th consumers have lost out on the collectible cards. Furthermore, just about 800,000 cards celebrating Michael Jordan’s 30th anniversary with the company have been thrown in the trash. One ebayer reportedly got his hands on 75 packs of cards, and then sold them for $1,400. It’s hard to imagine that many cards with that much value would be thrown away.

    Hanes Jordan Cards

    Rich Mueller, an editor of Sports Collectors Daily, estimated the value of one of the autographed cards:

    “I think what they will sell for depends on how many are ultimately pulled but based on the sales of other numbered Jordan cards and the publicity these have gotten, my wild guess would be they’ll sell for at least $1,000 each. There are so many Jordan collectors, though, that I wouldn’t be surprised to see them go much higher, especially if there still aren’t many listed for sale a month or so from now.”

    This is quite possibly not the last time you’ll read a story like this. Especially due to the fact that most shoppers aren’t knowledgeable to just how valuable certain items are that they buy. They’re just shopping to satisfy a certain need for their product, which in this case happens to be underpants.

    However, Michael Jordan was a six-time NBA Champion, and is considered by most to be the Greatest to ever play the game of basketball. If the purchasers of these Hanes products were aware of the cards, but still threw them away, it speaks volumes to just how many buyers have the collectors mindset. They should have known the worth.

    Would you buy the trading cards? Is it really worth major dollars? Leave your comment below, and stay tuned to

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