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    Michael Jackson’s Former Maid Claims He Was A Sick F*ck

    Michael Jackson’s former help is spilling all his dirty little secrets.

    Apparently, Adrian McManus, Jackson’s former maid, is trying her damnedest to help destroy the King of Pop’s lasting reputation. According to her recollection, he was a monster and a “manipulator” during the time she worked for him.

    In an interview she does with Australia’s 60 Minutes, McManus explains what it was like working at the Neverland Ranch.

    “When I would go in the next day, there were little boys’ underwear either on the floor with Michael’s, or they were in the jacuzzi”

    McManus claims that the time spent between Jackson and his underage guests was an unhealthy relationship. However, she states that, while he was alive, she and the rest of his staff, signed non-disclosure agreements, forbidding them from discussing what they saw.

    Yet, in 2005, McManus went against it and testified against Jackson in his child molestation case.

    You can learn more about what others are saying about the late “Man in the Mirror” singer. According to HNHH, the latest documentary Leaving Neverland tells the story from the viewpoint of two of Jackson’s alleged victims.

    Thoughts? How do you feel about Michael Jackson? Will his music outshine the alleged skeletons in his closet? Share your thoughts below.

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