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    Michael Barreto Holds Boy Captive As Sex Slave

    Was this man is holding a 15-year-old boy for his own personal needs?

    Brox man, Michael Barreto, is arrested after holding a young boy hostage as his sex slave. 

    PIX11 reports that Michael Barreto was arrested after a federal warrant was executed on Tuesday morning.

    The young boy’s family had reported him missing. After the search warrant was carried out, the police found the boy in the apartment.

    Police found sexual videos and pictures of the teen on Michael Barreto’s phone and computer.

    Following his arrest, other boys and neighbors came to speak out. Also, he has allegedly had numerous incidents involving sexual misconduct. One anonymous boy details his experience,

    “One time, he took out his penis and started chasing me down the hallway,” he said. “I told my dad and we called, the police came, arrested him.”

    Firstly, the boy said he was just 9 years old at the time of the assault.

    Michael Barreto has been arrested before for luring a child to commit a sex crime.

    Subsequently, police are urging other victims to come forward.

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    Featured Image Credit: NY Daily


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