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    Mexican Border Has Trump Destroying The Fucking Country For Good

    Donald Trump has released a video addressing the country about the Mexican border.

    President Trump, on last Wednesday, talked about immigration and border security. Trump focused his message on talking about how are harmful undocumented immigrants are in society.

    To begin with his statement, Trump talked about how undocumented immigrants hurt America.

    “All Americans are hurt by illegal and undocumented migration, among those hit the hardest are African Americans and Hispanic Americans.”

    In addition to talking about the dangers of undocumented immigrants, Trump said he will not back down until a wall around the border is built. He insisted the congress pass a bill that ends the government shutdown and starts the wall’s construction.

    “To every member of Congress, pass a bill that ends this crisis. This is a choice between right and wrong, justice and injustice.”

    CNN reported on the responses from Democrat leaders, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.

    According to Pelosi, “Much of what we’ve heard from the President since the shutdown, has been filled with misinformation and malice.” She also accused Trump of holding the American people hostage with the shutdown.

    Afterwards, she had added to her statement by saying:

    “The president is rejecting bipartisan bills that would open the government.” “He promised to keep government shut down for months or years no matter who it hurts. That’s just plain wrong.”

    After, Chuck Schumer added that the Democratics and the President both want better border security. However, they are not willing to build a wall at the Mexican Border. They finished their message by asking Trump to re-open the government so people can get paid for work again.

    What do you think of what’s happening with the government? Please comment below with your thoughts! After, don’t forget to keep it locked on Hypefresh for more news.


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