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Go-Go Music Resumes Outside of D.C. Metro PCS Store

After complaints to shut down the music blasting from the speakers of a local Metro PCS store, the speakers are being plugged back in.

For nearly 25 years, the Metro PCS in D.C.’s Shaw neighborhood has been playing go-go-music outside its store, on the corner of 7th Street and Florida Avenue NW. For years, the go-go music has been a staple to the community, helping to celebrate the neighborhood’s rich culture. But with the introduction of a new luxury apartment building to the neighborhood, the culture of the Shaw community begin facing threats. T-Mobile issued a request, to the shop owner to turn the music off. Apparently, a newcomer living in the newly built apartments complained about the noise and made threats to sue if the issue went unfixed.

However, D.C. residents stood in solidarity to fight against the oppression being brought on by gentrification. On Tuesday, residents gathered in protest, to dispute the ban. In attendance were community leaders and political figures…even Wale made an appearance. Councilman Robert White said, “When you move to a neighborhood, you’ve got to appreciate the culture of that neighborhood, the sound of that neighborhood. It is not OK to jump into a neighborhood and then seek to change it.”

With the help of the protest, as well as rallies, an online petition has gained over 64,000 signatures.

The Go-Go music will continue to play.

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Image Credit: Washington Post

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