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    Method Man Wonders Where New Rappers Get Money

    Method Man Questions New Age Rappers’ Status

    Rap Legend Method Man did an interview with battle rapper Math Hoffa. The interview started making the rounds because Method Man questions how the new rappers are making so much bread.

    “We’re in the era now where these kids, they got more money than, son …. I couldn’t imagine,” he says around the 3:45-minute mark. “I still ain’t takin’ private jets and I think I earned that! Where they gettin’ this money? I wanna know. Like they got a deal or some shit?

    He added: “No fucking way that they flyin’ private — like that money long as fuck because we talking at least a minimum of 30 grand. That’s round trip. Where are they getting this money from? Can somebody tell me? I wanna know where they’re getting this money from. I need that hustle.”

    Hoffa Claims That They’re Simply Flexing 

    When Hoffa says they are probably just renting the private jets, Meth replies, “I didn’t say they buyin’ em. They payin’ to fly the private jet but I’m saying they doing it all the time. N-gga, I used to complain having to save half my fuckin’ — when I worked at the Statue — half my check for car fare. $1.75. We’re talkin’ at least 30 to 50 grand a trip. Where are they gettin’ this fucking money from and still pay a mortgage? Migos probably get a 100 grand a piece or something like that.”

    Hoffa then points out there are several different revenues for making money these days, including streams, shows and features.

    Method Man Doubles Down on His Questions

    But Meth still can’t wrap his head around it and continues, “Where is this shit coming from? You can’t see it. Nobody really listen to your music like that and shit. Where’d you get this fuckin’ money? I just want to know. It boggles my muthafuckin’ mind. Every penny that I got, I know where it came from. I know exactly what the process was to go through to get that and shit like that and I still don’t live like no muthafuckin’ Rockefeller not saying I can’t, but I still don’t. Where do you get these resources my n-gga?”

    Method Man mentioned that he’s comfortable. However, heisn’t dropping $200,000 on a Maybach to give as a wedding gift like Travis Scott or spending millions on a forehead piercing à la Lil Uzi Vert.

    Impending Verzuz Battle

    Instead, he’s gearing up for a Verzuz battle with his longtime partner-in-rhyme Redman on April 20, the international weed smokers’ holiday.


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