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    Offset’s Side Chick Summer Bunni Is A Messy Bitch..We Love Cardi B!

    Offset isn’t going to be able to get his love back with this messy bitch!!

    Earlier today we reported that Cardi B confirmed that she misses the dick from Offset.

    It seems as though the two will be getting back together sooner or later.  Her soon to be ex-husband has been doing everything that he can to get another chance.

    Well, the one that allegedly broke them up has some words to share, and it isn’t friendly.

    The artist known as Summer Bunni apologized after finding out that Cardi and Offset were breaking up.

    But her feelings have seemingly changed during her interview with Power 106.

    She wanted to set the record straight and played the victim during the entire chain of events.

    Summer Bunni also stated that she was dealing with Offset before Cardi supposedly got pregnant.

    She’s sure is messy!! What do you think? Is she laying?? Leave your comment below.


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