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    Men’s Casual Dress Ideas To Keep Them Going, Looking Good

    The way you dress speaks volumes about who you are and determines how people address you. Without questions, a third party can guess your personality, who you are, and even your mood, by just assessing what you are wearing. But do you always have to go formal to prove yourself?

    Enough of always trying to look corporate even when going on a friendly date or attending casual events. You can still make a fashion statement without necessarily looking extravagant or wearing expensive clothes. You can even go casual for red carpet events. A carefully selected casual wear can make you look stylish and functional at the same time.

    You don’t need to follow trends or be a trend chaser to look fashionable. No! Trends come and go, but being fashionable is the real deal and keeps you at the top. You should know how to combine what you have to express yourself, your personality, and your mood. If you are considering dropping the suit and tie for something comfortable and expressive, here are some men’s casual wear ideas to keep you smart, looking good, and relaxed.

    What you need in your closet

    Your casual way of dressing wouldn’t be complete and functional if you lack certain dresses in your closet. At least you should have a couple of jeans, sportswear, cardigans, t-shirts, some classic men’s polos for all events, sweatshirts, and hoodies. When it comes to footwear, need sneakers, loafers, boots, slippers, and sandals. Accessories you may need include watches, bracelets, belts of different colors, etc. If you have a malfunctioning wardrobe, then it’s time to consider spending on new items. You shouldn’t break the bank for this anyways.

    Wear to get your new stock

    Finding gents’ casual wear is never a difficult task. It depends on what you need, the purpose for it, and the statement you want to make. Do you want something for high-end programs, meetings, parties, outings, or something to wear around?  Also, are you the luxury brand type or the anything goes type?

    If you are the brand type (interested in specific fashion brands), you can purchase from your favorite brand outlets or online. But for the anything goes type, you can visit any clothing shop new you to buy something that fits you.

    Casual Wear Tips for a Stylish and Comfortable You

    Dressing casually doesn’t mean you can just combine anything to cover your nakedness. Like formal/corporate dressing, you can have some rules for going casual. Indeed, you can try or experiment with some new tricks to suit your style and occasion, but the basics must be right.

    Whatever you wear should reflect the occasion. For example, it’s not proper to wear shorts and a t-shirt for an event with high-profile personalities despite going casual. However, the golden rule is that you must look good and be comfortable in whatever you put on. Here are some rules and tips when selecting casual wear.

    • Choose something classy if you want to make a fashion statement despite going casual.
    • Dress to suit the occasion.
    • If the occasion requires a mature look, go in for a solid-colored or a striped shirt.
    • Vary your jeans and pant colors (You should have black, blue, and faded jeans colors in your collection). You can also get new chinos to complement your shirts
    • Your footwear must be comfortable and fit for your purpose.
    • Add sunglasses and wristwatches to your collection
    • Try to look as simple as possible
    • Pay attention to the little detail
    • The fabrics must complement each other.
    • You can decide to play with colors

    How to blend what you have to look stylish


    Jeans perfectly match almost all forms of casual looks. But, since there are different men’s jeans styles you should choose carefully. If you want a polished look, slim or skinny fit jeans would be ideal to combine with a dress top, t-shirt, or polo shirt, depending on the occasion. Choose straight or wide-leg jeans if you want to feel relaxed.


    Hoodies serve the dual purpose of being stylish and functional. Aside from making you look good, it layers your outfit and serves as a warmer during cold seasons. You can wear a nice t-shirt under your hoodie and pair it with jeans and a sneaker or boot.

    Polo shirts 

    If you want to look stylish and well-dressed, then wearing a polo shirt is one of the best options. It gives your casual look some class and is good for all weather. You can pair it with jeans, shorts, or sweatpants. For a bold look, go for a dark of bright colors.


    Anything you wear with your jean, can also match a chino, but gives you a different appearance. It is also very comfortable and makes you look stylish when blended with a suitable shirt and other accessories. Colors like khaki, navy, or black go well with almost all shirt colors.



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