Men’s Birth Control!

Men’s Birth Control
Men’s Birth Control (2)

Since the 1880’s, contraception methods have been created for women, but besides a condom, vasectomy or slim chances of pulling out, males did not necessarily have many choices or pathways for contraception methods, until now!

Vasalgel has introduced a new form of birth control for men in which a gel is injected into the vas deferens. The gel blocks the passage of sperm from leaving the male’s body, while still allowing seminal fluids to pass through. Not only is the injectable gel long term and reversible, but it also promises no hormonal complications.

While the Vasalgel study has been confirmed to work on rabbits, it has not yet been tested on humans. However, the conducted study paves a way for it to be tested on larger animals and then if all goes well, it will eventually be tested on humans.

Vasalgel’s development of male birth control may very well be what we have been waiting for, but on the flip side, would it encourage more partners to have “raw sex”, while also increasing the number of STD’s?

To read more about the study, published in the Journal of Basic and Clinical Andrology, click here.


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