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Meghan Markle Royal


Meghan Markle Royal Drama Continues!!

Welcome to the Meghan Markle royal drama show!

It seems as though there is a Royal feud taking place, and it’s not looking too pretty. Rumors have swirled that Markle has decided not to invite Princess Beatrice to her baby shower. Many people have speculated that the two aren’t quite fond of each other. Beatrice has been a snob and given newcomer Markle the cold shoulder. Things escalated when Harry and his baby mama decided to leave Kensington Palace.

Overall it got even pettier when Meghan was accused of stealing Beatrice fashion style. Recently, the Royal couple made headlines when they announced that they would raise a genderless kid. Overall, threads for the pregnant Meghan Markle is stunning. Ultimately making her the talk of the town as always when it comes to royal fashion. According to radaronline, the feud continues to fester in the Royal dynamic.

Will the Meghan Markle royal drama show ever end? Will everyone at some point get along? Leave your comment below, and stay tuned to

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