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    Meghan Markle & Prince Harry Prepare For New Family Addition

    It seems as though the Royal family is possibly preparing to welcome the newest to their family. Now Meghan Markle preps for birth.

    The royal couple recently took a private chopper to their new supposed home on Tuesday. Many people believe that they are preparing for the newest member of the royal family to enter into the world. Above all, Meghan has care around the clock along with security at Kensington Palace. The couple will await there their first child to be birth in the upcoming days.  In addition, Meghan and Harry‘s new home is located in Winsor Castle.

    The rumors became clear after Doria Ragland flew to London to supposedly help with the birth. Furthermore, a source also gave further input regarding where Meghan is in her pregnancy.

    “The fact heavily-pregnant Meghan is being allowed to fly, even at low altitudes in a helicopter, suggests her due date is far later than people thought,”

    Above all, it is reportedly the Suits actor was to have her baby on April 28th. However, another set of rumors claim that the baby is not supposed to come until May 17th. This all takes place during a time where the Royal Family has been at odds. Many staff workers in Sussex believe that Markle has plenty of diva antics.

    As Meghan Markle preps for birth we can only wait for the baby pictures.

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