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    Meghan Markle Has Become The New Punching Bag of British Media

    According to a CNN report, Meghan Markle has been infamous amongst the British Media.

    Meghan Markle became the Duchess of Sussex this year. At first, when she was getting married and during the honeymoon era, the media seemed to love her. However, their love for her has seemly reached its expiration date. Over the past few months, British media has attacked Markle from every angle. Pretty much everything that she has done has been criticized. One week, she is attacked because she allegedly said she was a vegan, yet she eats meat. Then, she was a controversy because she asked for air freshener in a church. Meghan Markle can seemly do nothing without being attacked for it.

    However, there are a few reasons that Markle has been criticized so much. One is that the media thrives off controversy. The next reason is that Meghan Markle is a black woman, thus she is attacked for the small and insignificant things. Black women are often the targets of the media attack. For instance, Michelle Obama, one of the most respected women in America, has criticized nonstop since she entered the public spotlight. Meghan Markle is a target because she is a black woman.

    What you think of this CNN report? Do you agree that Meghan Markle is constantly criticized because she is a black woman? Let us know with a comment below and for more news,  keep it locked in!


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