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    Megan Thee Stallion’s L.A Home Gets Ramshacked By Bulgars

    Megan Thee Stallion has taken center stage since after her freestyle rap videos went viral. The Tramuazine raptress has made quite the name for herself in Hollywood. While things seem to have gone right for the rapper, several issues have ensued back home. Recently, news just hit that her L.A home was destroyed by burglars. Unfortunately, the robbers stole several thousand dollars-worth in jewels and other pricey belongings.

      Megan Thee Stallion’s L.A Pad Gets Ramshacked By Burglars

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    We’d think that one of today’s biggest rap stars would have high-level security working around the clock to protect her home. Though, even all the money in the world can’t buy a good security detail these days. In the last few years, several rappers have experienced a home invasion. Unfortunately, some even lost their lives to an armed robbery, such as Pop Smoke.

    Unfortunately, Megan Thee Stallion dealt with a similar situation after two burglars broke into her house. According to sources, they broke into her L.A home and stole approximately $300-$400K in jewels, cash and electronics. Further details reveal that the burglars wore dark hoodies and gloves. They gained the access through the house after shattering a glass door near the back of her property. People have truly lost their minds these days. Fortunately, the “Ungrateful” emcee wasn’t home at the time of the home invasion.

                The Police Have No Leads Yet


    However, the police have no leads on the suspects. They haven’t made any arrests but have been working around the clock to find the burglars. Furthermore, authorities are currently looking through surveillance footage for any clues. Additionally, they’ve spoken with neighbors and locals in the area to help them with their investigation.




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