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    Meg Thee Stallion Advocates For Black Women To Be Stress Free

    Megan Pete AKA Meg Thee Stallion is proud to be a healthy, fine Black woman—she wants that for other Black women as well! Over the last year Meg has been flexing her athleticism on behalf of Nike, where she serves as an ambassador for the brand. She even gets to share her own workout regimen. According to Nike, she is even selling her Nike-inspired looks on their website! The Hottie’s explosive year still continues to evolve despite her legal troubles with Tory Lanez. The 26th Annual Webby Award honored Megan with the Special Achievement Award for her exceptional success as a female rap artist, Megan Thee Stallion advocates for the betterment of Black women. Megan’s desire to see Black women grow in comfort and happiness is such a noble notion. We are here for it!


    Megan Wants the Black Girls To Be Free!

    Megan wants Black women to rest in their femininity, effortlessly! According to Travel Noire, she has a foundation that may be coming to a city near you. Notoriously named after her parents, The Pete and Thomas Foundation; the foundation’s mission is to serve children, underserved communities and of course, women. Megan is really out here doing it for the girls! The organization provides a safe place for young Black women from ages 12-24 where they can create, connect and exhale. The program ran from Aug. 20- Sep. 17.

    Megan is taking the time to collaborate with neighboring organizations to maximize impact. She’s working alongside Southern Black Girls and the Women’s Consortium. “I’m really excited to have the Pete and Thomas Foundation partner with Southern Black Girls and Women’s Consortium on this special initiative,” Megan Thee Stallion said.

    Go, Megan!

    Black Women Need More Love

    Black women are automatic carriers of many burdens from racism, to societal pressures to just being Black! We are so happy that Megan Thee Stallion advocates for young Black girls!



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