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    Meet The Managers Of The Top 7 Rappers In The Industry

    Rap music is historically known for producing relatable songs for its listeners with some savvy rhymes included within the lyrics. Typically, when people think of rap they think of gangs and violence but rap is a beautiful genre that covers an extensive array of different topics. From love songs to politics, rap isn’t only about gangs. It is about relaying a message in a poetic way to reach an audience and move them with some expressive lyrics.

    The rap industry has seen many talented rappers, and behind the rappers are some of the most talented individuals managing the day-to-day business operations. Rap and hip-hop managers are responsible for booking events and planning long-term projects. They also participate in creating marketing campaigns and ensure that the artists are getting their names out there so people become familiar with them, especially if it is a new artist. Let’s take a look at the managers behind the scenes of the top hip hop managers, old and new, in the industry.

    Fivio Foreign’s Manager – Jerry Reefer

    Jerry Reefer is the name of Fivio’s manager. He is responsible for Fivio’s professional growth and the many appearances that have turned him into the amazing rapper he is today.

    Conway the Machine’s Manager – Chad Kemp

    Conway the Machine’s manager is named Chad Kemp. According to his LinkedIn, he is the president at Drumwork Music Group and is responsible for event planning, public relations, and anything that has to do with the music industry!

    Vince Staples’ Manager – Corey Smyth

    Vince Staples is managed by Corey Smith, the owner and founder of Blacksmith Recordings. Blacksmith Recordings is focused on helping musicians evolve into the next level of their careers, and, according to Corey, they “nurture young and new talent from the ground up and enable them to expand their vision of success”.

    Future’s Manager – Ebonie Ward

    Ebonie Ward, Future’s manager, is a partner at Emagen Entertainment Group and has a degree from Albany State in Mass Communications and a Masters from Troy University. She creates relationships with artists that allow her to use her creativity to enhance the skills of her clients. Not only that but her creativity allows her to be a great asset to marketing campaigns.

    Kendrick Lamar’s Manager – Anthony Saleh

    Anthony Saleh is Kendrick Lamar’s manager and is the other half of Emagen Entertainment Group. Working closely with Ebonie Ward, he is responsible for the day-to-day operations such as scheduling of events and any marketing and merchandising campaigns as well. Without Anthony Saleh running the show, Kendrick Lamar may not be booking as many successful events as he is today.

    Eminem’s Manager – Paul Rosenberg

    Eminem’s manager is Paul Rosenberg, who is the current CEO of Goliath Records. He has been Eminem’s manager for years and helped get him through some of his darkest times in the music industry. He is responsible for all of the operations behind the scenes to help make Eminem’s performances go as smoothly as possible.

    Drake’s Manager – Oliver El-Khatib

    Drake’s manager, Oliver El-Khatib, was a DJ before he took on a different path in the music industry. He and Drake created OVO Media, a record label that focuses on authenticity and Toronto. He obviously has had a huge hand in booking all of Drake’s events and getting him to where he is now.

    Final Thoughts

    While we may only be familiar with the front face of music, we have to give credit to the managers that make everything happen. Without them, we wouldn’t enjoy music during concerts or see our artists during appearances. It is thanks to the hard work that managers put in that we even have our favorite artists to begin with. So, the next time you listen to your favorite song, be sure to take a moment to recognize the manager behind the talent that is making these recordings happen for you to enjoy.

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