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    Meet The Buzzing Artist, Producer Asad Yusupov

    Originally from Northern Virginia, Asad Yusupov is a promising producer and artist who found his passion for music at 17. In the years following, the creative has worked extremely hard to bolster his position in the music industry, more so on the business side, by launching his own nightclub and obtaining a partnership with a large music festival in Florida. But here in 2022, Asad Yusupov has shifted his focus to making music.

    Asad Yusupov began producing music and released his debut 3-track project, “The Stranger,” just earlier this year. Positive feedback from fans has prompted the artist to continue releasing new music throughout the year. His take on music uniquely blends hip-hop, electronic, and pop music to create a vibe that’ll have you dancing in no time.

    Asad Yusupov has been a force in the music industry for a long time, and now it’s different. The North Virginia product has no plan of slowing his new role anytime soon and can’t wait to share new projects later. In the meantime, listen to Asad Yusupov’s latest project, “Drowning,” below.

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