Meet Sam Lao, Dallas’s Rising Music Prospect

Introducing Sam Lao.

Rapper/singer from the heart of Dallas, Tx.

Innately an artist by heart, her many other talents include drawing, painting and sculpting.

As of recent, she began creating music. Call her a “late bloomer” if you will.

Creative, edgy, honest, distinctive… No other words can describe the musical genius in Sam Lao.

She’s clearly showing that she has what it takes to hang with the boys in hip-hop.

Peep the exclusive sit down conversation below.

Describe that moment you knew music was what you wanted to professionally pursue.

Probably a few years ago. I always loved music but I never felt I was good enough to pursue a career in music. But after my first project and the response it got I knew it was something I couldn’t live without doing.

What/who inspired you most?

Art inspires me. I paint, draw, sculpt, do graphic design and dabble in photography as well as make music so being around art as whole especially really amazing art pushes me to create.

Touch on one of your favorite songs you’ve written and recorded to date, and why?

That’s really difficult because I love all my songs and I put so much of me into them. I think I would have to say Reminder (Bitch I’m Me) because it always puts me in the mood to just kill shit and go really hard on whatever I’m working on. It’s so unapologetic and I love it.

“Take ownership of your art and be unapologetic about it.” – Sam Lao

What’s your biggest personal strength as an artist?

My ambition. I always have these grand ideas and aspirations and because I’m always reaching so high even when I fall a little short I’m still in a good place.

What’s your creative process like?

My creative process really depends on my mood and the day. When I’m recording I like it to just be me and the engineer/producer and maybe one or two other people. When I hear a beat I like I immediately know what I want the song to be about and feel like and I just write from there. Over learned when I hit a block not to force and so sometimes I’ll end up bound back and forth on a couple of songs.

Meet Sam Lao, Dallas’s Rising Music (2)

How did it feel when you seen ‘Pineapple’ featured in Paper Magazine for the first time?

That was such an amazing surprise. I’m used to people in my city picking up on what I’m doing and showing love and to see a publication like Paper take to it made me extremely happy and even more hungry.

What inspired your music artwork? It’s really swanky.

My project is called SPCTRM as in a spectrum of colors, a spectrum of me. Each song has a different feel and is a different attitude/feeling of me so they’re each represented by a color. Since the single right now is Pineapple and I’m pushing the song and video the color for it is yellow. It’s fun, summery and bright.

If you could do a record with anyone, (and we mean, anybody) who would it be, and why that person?

I think for me it’s a toss up between Pharrell and Kanye. I love they that are both willing to explore sounds and push the envelope in their own ways. They don’t sacrifice their artistry to fit in or conform to what is expected of them.

“Summer is officially cat-calling season, so “Pineapple” is a godsend, imploring women to rebuff male advances, resist the male gaze and be confident, to not “bow to the will of others just because they have taken notice of how amazing you are and want a piece of you.”

Paper Magazine on Sam Lao’s Pineapple

Tell us what’s next on your agenda? Tour? New Video? Special features?

Right now I’m really pushing SPCTRM and trying to make it as far a possible. I’m working on getting a tour together right now and I’ll be doing a video for every song on the project.

Give aspiring artists your professional advice.

Take ownership of your art and be unapologetic about it. You can be mindful of what’s going on around you but don’t allow it to affect you adversely, don’t measure yourself or your successes against that of others. Know when to ask for/accept help. And ultimately love what you do because otherwise what’s the point?

Want more music? Visit Sam Lao’s Soundcloud.


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