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    Meet Lonny The Street Lawyer: The Cannabis Activist & Street Lawyer

    Lonny The Street Lawyer

    Lonny The Street Lawyer
    has an energy that is infectious to everybody he is around. Shifting from high profile cases in his early youth to now running a high profile cannabis vendor in Washington D.C., he is infamously known as “Lonny The Street Lawyer”. He candidly dabbles in between law and cannabis in an innovative way like never before. Who knew these two fields would ever intersect.

    Lonny has an unquenchable thirst for elevating. Combing his media experience from DC 101 via IHeart Radio, when he was the voice for the streets. Lonny wants freedom for people, especially those who enjoy the herb!

    The D.C. resident has curated a one-of-a-kind place where inclusion among all races and religions can bond over legal cannabis. It’s sporadic, especially in modern times, to see such a wholesome idea come from somebody who can be a bit flashy.

    While, of course, we all need money to pay the bills, Lonny is involved with all of the high movements for the essence of living life the way he wants to live it. Now, he is taking his ideas and expanding shop to the cities of Miami and New York.

    He is a rare diamond in a pool pull of rock where money doesn’t take away from his personality but accentuates it. The Latino savant of good vibes shines brightly, and you should help his journey by giving Street Lawyers services a visit the next time you’re in the city; you might get high of good times!

    His journey can be better followed at Lonnythestreetlawyer on Instagram as he shares his journey to success with the world. To learn more about “Lonny The Street Lawyer” visit his official website below.


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