Meet L. Brandon, The Eclectic Graphic Designer

L. Brandon

While sitting in Starbucks in Philadelphia, I happened to glance over to my left, only to see a table full of drawings, colored markers, and of course a man, who identifies himself as L.Brandon, The “Designer”. Two empty bottles of San Pellegrino and Frappacino sits around him, showing the duration of his work ethic, as he sits in quiet focus, diligently engaged. After a brief introduction to him as to who I was, and I what I do for a living, the rest was history.

“I’m a graphic designer by heart… But recently i’ve been branching off, working on designs for the fashion… And so far, i’m doing pretty damn good at it.”

Flipping through his portfolio, (which by the way is awesomely decorated with various sketches) It wasn’t hard to identify that L.Brandon is obviously talented beyond his pencils. Taking the time to reach deeper into his love for art, he explains his humility, which pin points his motivation moving forward.

“Honestly, i’m a low key kinda guy… And I have to start taking more credit for my works. *Laughs*.. But i’m excited to venture into this new direction of fashion.”

Showing off his Instagram, and his various designs on multiple models, his intention is to create a clothing line which features his works exclusively. Spending several years behind the scenes, designing for various independent clothing brands, his opportunity to expand beyond his own reach, sits only at the end of his finger tips. I’m pretty sure, from the looks of his works, we’ll see and hear alot more from this artistic genius in the near future.


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