Meet KAMAU: Who Is Making A Mark In The Music Industry

Meet KAMAU Who Is Making A Mark

Meet KAMAU: Who Is Making A Mark In The Music Industry.

Born in D.C and raised in Brooklyn, this Hip-Hop and Soul artist KAMAU, is bringing a new philosophical lens to the genre. In his brand new debut EP, A Gorgeous Fortune, KAMAU weaves an introspective thread from track to track.

With a wide range of vocals styles and visionary concepts, he uses a colorfully jazzy soundscape as a medium to convey notions of self-reflection and self-awareness. He sounds like ⅔ OutKast & ⅓ Chance The Rapper. With that AMAZING mixture I don’t know how you can resist. Earning numerous comparisons to OutKast, it’s not hard to believe that KAMAU holds the record for the best known cover of “Hey Ya.” Most recently, he gained notoriety for his single “Jusfayu” featuring No Wyld. The track was also given the remix treatment featuring Neo-soul duo Lion Babe, with whom he is also said to be joining on their U.S. tour this summer.

His latest video GAIMS has such a Chance The Rapper vibe but KAMAU put his own swag on it. Listen!


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