Explore The Mind of Maze Maker Adrian Fisher

The Mind of Maze Maker Adrian Fisher

Internationally renowned as the world’s leading maze designer, Adrian Fisher’s creative genius is best channeled as the guy who is responsible for getting people lost. Having designed visitor attractions such as Mirror Mazes, Landscape Mazes, Panel Mazes, Dark Rides and Magic Mansions, Adrian Fisher believes that “every public place is a social space and must engage people, whether it is used to tell a story, perhaps of its history, or simply as an evocative place of beauty.”
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His expertise lays in his understanding of vast networks that include complex 2D or 3D maps. Over the past 35 years, he has created over 600 mazes in more than 30 countries, ultimately setting six world records and winning two gold medals for garden design in the process. His overactive imagination stems inspiration from both landscape and indoor environments. Fueled by visual artistic, entertaining and playful aesthetics, Adrian Fisher has mastered the “art of confusion, disorienting hundreds of thousands of people each year.”

To fully understand the master of illusion, press play above.


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