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Meet Toronto

Meet Toronto1
Q: To start, tell me a bit about your background.

A. I’m born and raised in Toronto! The west end, Eglinton and Keele to be exact lol. I’ve always been around music, arts, and sports; at one point I actually thought I’d be an Olympic athlete in track and field lol but destiny had it where I ended up doing music.

Q: How did you gravitate toward music? 

A. As cliché as it sounds, I’ve been singing since I was in diapers. Singing around the house using the vacuum as a mic stand. But it wasn’t just music, I loved the arts period! So Acting, singing, and dancing. But it wasn’t until after I landed the role of Young Nala in the Broadway musical of The Lion King that I knew I wanted to do music for a living.
Meet Toronto2
Q. So, let’s dive right in! Tell us how that experience came about?

A. It was a craaaaazy experience! I learned the song I had to sing the night before the audition. Next day, there were hundreds of other people auditioning so I was there all day. Finally get in the room and let’s just say my nerves took over, I barely sang before I sat on the floor in front of the judges and cried! Lol, they carried me out to my mom and I guess felt bad and told her they wanted to see me again. Next audition, however, I killed it, got another callback and long story short, 11 or so auditions later and over almost 1000 other kids, I landed the role! 

Q: How has it shaped your perspective on music?

A. It’s shaped my perspective a whole lot! I think it’s why I look at my performances as a production. Making sure I put on a great show every time and that the audience is entertained. Even my music videos, I generally have the whole concept by the time the song is written or recorded. And then the aspect of its live, so anything can happen so being prepared to improvise on the spot and adjusting depending on your audience

Q: What are some of your strongest music-related memories?

A. Of course, performing on stage in a huge Broadway musical was one; the time I got to go on stage and dance alongside the legend himself James Brown when he was in town (Toronto) performing. He actually was there earlier that night watching the show (The Lion King), and of course, can’t leave out the time my favorite artist MISSY replied to a tweet of mine telling me she loved me back! lol.
Meet Toronto3
Q: You just released a visually stunning music video to “Love Me,” a woman’s anthem in its own right. In terms of art direction, what is key for you to convey about women in general through your music?

A. That we’re strong, We’re leaders and that there’s so much more to us than our pretty faces and amazing bodies!

Q: What was the creative process behind the visual?

A. Well, the location first and foremost is a staple in the west end of Toronto. Apache Burger is one of the best spots for amazing burgers. I wanted it to be something “so Toronto” and it was either there or Tim Horton’s (equivalent to a Dunkin’ Donuts). Creatively, I was just going for very authentic, laid-back yet fly vibe. Just a night out with ur girls and that interaction when a guy tries to holla. You know dem ones! Lol

Q: To the extent that you ever have a typical day, what does it look like?

A. When I’m not traveling? Waking up, getting my workout done. Vocal training, writing music, studio sessions, dance rehearsals…and if it’s a Tuesday, it’s cheap day at the movies so movie night! Lol

Q: What has been the most surprising aspect of creating music thus far?

A. Seeing what songs people/fans end up gravitating to most. When I release a project I’m thinking in my mind which one I think will end up being the favorite and they may pick another. Which I, of course, don’t mind because it’s all my music, and at least they’re loving something!

Q: If someone were to stumble upon your work in the future, how would you like it to be perceived?

A. I want them to feel like it’s refreshing! Something different from what they’re hearing now, yet reminiscent of something they loved before…

If you want more GNA, visit here and check her live set this evening at SOB’s! Info below:


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