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    Meet Ceesar: The Limitless Sensation of The Music Industry

    Nelson Silva, also known by the stage-name CEESAR, was born on September 27, 1989. Never been scared to chase his dreams and passions, took a leap of faith, and made his debut in the music industry in 2018. But was this what he had always wanted to do? Not exactly.

    Soon after, Nelson picked up his stage name as CEESAR and started with his music world journey. He has an opportunity to shine and give back to the world, and he took it without resisting even a bit.

    With the start of his artistic career in 2018, Nelson realized that the first step towards progress is learning. He started working on some beats and simultaneously invested time in training lessons to improve his vocal ability. As they say, “practice makes a man perfect.”

    After one-year-long training, Nelson released “Day 2 Day,” his first official single. The song was not just the correct blend of the music, chorus, and lyrics but also a live example of how one can achieve things that might often feel unachievable. All one needs to do is believe in themselves and not let their fear of failure come in the way.

    Using his unique approach to music with a fusion of R&B, pop, and hip-hop, Nelson released his debut EP known as the “Hustle & Passion.” This album dropped like a bomb and took the music industry by storm. Consisting of six songs that included “Make It,” “All Me,” “I Need You,” “Make It,” “Druk Textin,” “About You,” and “Day 2 Day,” Hustle and Passion was the push that portrayed the hypnotic melodies, smooth vocals, and ambition of the aspiring artist.

    Using his entrepreneurial approach in the music line, Nelson has successfully made his music album independently. According to him, the do’s and don’ts in business have made him learn from past experiences, and that is how he has got the hang of the work environment. “My recording process is very collaborative, and I’m never afraid to ask for advice and mentorship along the way and try different things. That’s how I learn and how I’ll get better as an artist,” he says.

    CEESAR, as a newcomer in the music industry, has made the impression that it is not just strong but long-lasting as well. He is an example for individuals who are frightened to take a step that could change their lives. Due to his soulful voice and memorable mixes, the emerging artist has ensured his long and successful stay in the music industry. How CEESAR has mended his ways by pushing his boundaries is commendable, and it is precisely the reason why he has achieved so much in such a short period of his career.

    Watch Ceesar’s “Day 2 Day” video above.


    CEESAR, an inspiring young artist, did his majors in Psychology from Carleton University and acquired a Bachelor of Arts degree. Soon after graduation, he sensed his developing interest in entrepreneurship, and that’s when he decided to pursue a career in business.

    In 2015, Nelson stepped into the world of entrepreneurship with a retail store of sports supplements. He started small, but he was determined about what he wanted to do. Along with the store, Nelson managed an online store as well. The shift of modern consumers’ interest in e-commerce gave him an idea to further push his limits and explore his boundaries. Nelson decided to try his luck in the eCommerce world with his head and ambitions high and started dropshipping and private labeling.

    Due to his hard work and determination to embrace the change, Nelson worked in the eCommerce world for three years and took it to the heights that no one would have imagined. Despite his accomplishments in the business world in such a short period, in 2018, Nelson came across ‘White Iverson’ by Post Malone, a song that completely changed his life.

    Some songs have the power to lead one to an unstoppable change. Nelson went through something similar. White Iverson was the song for Nelson that made him feel the intensity of the music. The song hit him with an unreal and profuse feeling that he never wanted to get rid of. In fact, he wanted others to feel this intensity too.


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