Meet Brooklyn’s Rising Band: Sus.Life

Meet Brooklyns Rising

Sus.Life is a collective of music artist based in Brooklyn, NY and may be known for their talented work in the studio along-side rapper and brother to Chance the Rapper, Taylor Bennett. They are co-producers on Taylor’s new EP Restoration of an American Idol. As well as, got a chance to perform alongside Taylor in Chicago this past December.

Meet Brooklyn’s Rising Band Sus.Life (2)

Sus.Life is composed of five artist: Renima (co-founder/rapper), Rigga MF. Morti$ (Co-founder/Rapper/ Visual Artist), Zachary Durham (Trumpeter/Singer) , Zane Durham (Producer/Engineer/Pianist), and Key Hutchinson (Guitarist/Songwriter); each Sus.Life artist represents a portion of the musical style that blends together during their performance. Sus.Life’s band blends the sounds of raw hiphop, with jazz vibes, soulful melodies and any other genre they feel necessary to get the message and expression across.

According to Sus.Life, they perform to “express topics in their music and put it out there for other people to get that same feeling, that they too can express themselves through music.” “What are you really performing for if you don’t have meaning or purpose behind it? It makes no sense.”

Sus.Life co-founder/rapper, Renima, says ‘’ Sus.Life stands for souls united by songs, living in f****d up environments; It also stands for just being yourself regardless of what people think and proving people wrong because people will look at you because you’re black and associate you with the stereotype of what their perception of black people or white people or Asian people is. Sus Life is about being suspicious because we are suspicious. A lot of people in my area where I come from they know somebody that has died because they are suspicious to the police, were harassed because they were suspicious to the police, or were profiled because they have on a certain attire.”

Check out more from Sus.Life below:


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